Life changing alert:

I am constantly blown away by this world and how magical it is. How is it that you can meet someone, and they can completely blow you away and impact your life so much. Why does this happen from some and not from others? Like meeting someone and you know they are going to be an important part of your life or influence you so much. Like picking a human and next minute they are your best friend. Once at a new year’s festival I met the most amazing couple, they camped beside us and we just got along so well, straight away, fast forward a year or so and we are good friends now. How is this so when you can step into certain people’s energy and you just feel something? Love, of all kinds, some more intense than others …

Let me try and create a scenario here, you get hurt, whether it be by a lover, family member or friend. The pain is real, you feel that deep in your heart, in your soul. Months, weeks, days later you meet a person and you start talking. Your chatting about life, then the good comes up, about how you’ve been hurt before, and what do you know this person has a similar story. And you become connected maybe only as friends. And you help each other through this, help each other heal, the most awesome friendship is formed. You’ve got to sit back and think, could this hurt have legit happened, so it could be expressed to this person and so you could become friends? Maybe there are several lessons/reasons why we get hurt or put ourselves through hurt. But pondering back and you must think wow, we wouldn’t have become as close as what we are if that story didn’t come up, if that hurt didn’t happen.

Think about it for a second. We live in a world, where everyone is here for a reason we all have something to do, to learn. To learn from each other, we are always constantly learning, no one knows everything about everything. We lock eyes with someone, romantically or not, we are meant to have a conversation with them! But the world’s been set up these days, with judgement, previous life experiences altering our visions and thoughts, that the man with the hectic tattoos that in your eyes looks like he could murder you within a second, so you run the other way, could have had the best life story to tell, the best words for you to hear. Maybe this conversation then gives you a business idea, changes your stance on how you view a particular thing, inspires you to travel, he tells you a story about how he quit his job and that prompts you to do the same. Possibilities. Are. Endless.

What if that person, has the answer. To the question that’s been burning so deep down inside of you. Or can answer the start of a question, then you find yourself getting the second half of the question answered by the next person you met, but if you hadn’t had met the second person first nothing would not have made sense at all. At the end of the day we really do know the answers inside of us already, but we are each other’s messengers, helpers, guides.

Do you ever think why on earth did I do that thing, what was the point, and then reason pops up at a complete other random time? When you get that feeling to go left instead of right or to go somewhere and you do, and you see something beautiful like a rainbow or meet someone that changes you forever. That time you almost didn’t go to that event and you make your mind up the morning of, only to have met someone that completely takes your breath away, even if it wasn’t meant to be anything more than a brief encounter, it was still awesome. Do you know that moment?

Communication. Communicate. Everything has a meaning, has a reason. Seeing the blessing in the lesson, seeing the good in everything. Trust your instincts. We were all born with instinct, start tapping into it, start feeling people’s vibes, the answers are not glued to your phone screen, or to your TV! The answers you seek are inside, we are all guides and teachers. Tapping into your intuition and giving yourself that moment of peace. Magical things start to happen, and when you least expect.

Ask that person on the train what song they are listening too, maybe you need hear it. Ask that person what book they are reading, you might get so much from reading it yourself. Help that person with the overloaded groceries bags to their car, maybe one day someone might offer to help you when you are in need. Offer to help people. Give that person a smile or conversation it could make someone’s day.

Thanks for the insights Aleea from Yoga Bhava