About this class

Yoga Nidra is said to be the most simple, yet powerful and effective form of meditation one can do. You will be guided to a deep relaxation state that is equal to that of our deepest, and highest quality sleep, while remaining awake and conscious.  For this reason, Yoga Nidra is likened to be as beneficial as a few hours sleep.  You are taken through the consciousness of the body and supported to develop and heighten your senses and your overall awareness while working with your hearts desire.

Who is this class for

Absolutely everyone and anyone who is wanting to improve the quality of their life.  This practice however is particularly beneficial to those who are living with high stress, insomnia, high work loads, suffering with mild to extreme mental health imbalances (i.e. depression, anxiety) proven to be most effective for PTSD, pain management, The list is endless really.  Anyone wishing to deepen their experience and of themselves and their quality of life.

Yoga style

Meditation, Yoga Nidra


$12 casual

$25.00 when combined with previous Yin Class  (highly recommended)


Sundara Yoga Studio, 179 Old Bay Road, Deception Bay QLQ 4505, Phone 0403 274576

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Jo Baker