About this class

Yin Yoga is special.  It is deep, it is mindful, it is energising, it is therapeutic.  It is about surrendering your body weight and muscles to connect with the fascia of the body and together with the conscious direction of your breath bringing either great healing to any existing injuries or limitations currently held in the body or to bring about greater health and larger ranges of movement in the joints of the body. Yin strongly induces the relaxation response in the body mind and via positively stressing the fascia in the body supports important physical processes like collagen synthesis, hydration, and energy flow.  

Who is this class for

Suitable for everybody and all ability levels.  Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and stay within their body’s capacity.

Yoga style

Yin Yoga


$20 casual


Sundara Yoga Studio, 22 Glady Ave, Elimbah, Qld 4510 Phone 0403 274576

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Jo Baker

Jo Baker

Jo Baker