A Students Perspective: Lici completed our 200HR Teacher Training in July 2018, these are her words;
Well where do I start?
If Yoga practices were taught in schools, what a very different world we would live in!
This course is transformational, life enhancing, enriching and it gives you the big picture and so many valuable tools to face life’s challenges with.
I enrolled for the self-development, to take my love of yoga and how it makes me feel to a new level and to instill the discipline to create a regular spiritual practice.
I started with an uncertain feeling of where my relationship with my partner was headed and a preteen son who was sulky and negative.
Over the months of this training, integrating the yoga practices, the meditation, mantras, Asana practice and exploring the philosophy, things started to shift in me and I watched as my partners depression and frustration with life transformed into this beautiful appreciation for everything he has and he began to support me and love me in a way I hadn’t felt in years!
I’ve seen my son’s frowning, unhappy face turn into a face that is lighter, brighter and smiling. He also spontaneously tells me he loves me every day!
So not only have I reaped the benefits of this amazing course, grown, gained valuable insights and tools for my life toolbelt and got what I set out to attain, the positive affects this training had on me rippled out to my family.
So thank you Jo! For lighting up this path for me. Out of all the yoga courses and teachers, I was drawn to you, guided to you for this very special and sacred part of my growth, my expansion, my journey.
Thank you for being my Yoga teacher trainer, the smiling face and warm heart that greeted me every class day. Gentle, grounded, reassuring, focused, knowledgeable, humble and graceful, that has been my experience of you!
And I could not have asked for a better group of classmates to take the journey with. You are all brave, beautiful friends who I will treasure always.
Forever Grateful,
Love Lici