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Samkhya Philosophy explains how we devolved from an expansive inclusive state of being to a limited personal perspective.

The process of yoga will let you identify the cause of this personal perspective, and help you to reevaluate any misperceptions.

When everything you perceive makes it through your mind unaltered, you will reveal the expansive, inclusive state.

Internal suffering is the best gauge of your progress.

When events no longer ‘trigger’ your buttons, when your helpful habitual patterns are stronger than the harmful ones, then you can act consciously, deliberately and compassionately, then you have mastered your mind.

When a situation causes you to suffer and you allow hurtful past conditioning to influence your reaction, it’s time to weed out the underlying cause.

This workshop will give you the tools to do just that.

Explore your mind through Samkhya and Yoga, refine and simplify.

As you identify which aspect of mind is active you will be able to coordinate the functions of your mind and find rest in the still centre, while still fully engaged in the world.

12 CPD Hours

Dates: 6-8 pm Friday 4th June and 8 am – 5 pm Saturday 5th June 2021

Venue:  Yoga Rhythms/ Paint + Sip Studio 136 Sutton Street, Redcliffe.

Cost: $250 (Yoga Rhythms Graduates $150) please email jo@yogarhythms.com.au to confirm your place before payment.

Payment to Yoga Rhythms 064-166 1052 8389 use your name as deposit reference.