Often, we are so busy participating in life, we drive ourselves into a hectic, overextended pace so as not to miss out.

No matter who we are, every one of us can benefit by backing off from the busyness, slowing way down, disengaging, and experiencing our lives from a larger perspective.

Meditation lets us dive into our interior space and become conscious of the flow of life happening.

Living consciously is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, we get to fine tune and steer our lives in the direction we choose.

So how do we slow way down, how do we meditate?

Here are 3 techniques to get you started:

  1. Be 100% aware of your breath, feel 10 Breaths completely. Feel the breath at the edge of your nostrils, feel the sensation as it enters the nostrils, feel the breath move over the back of your throat on its inward journey, and feel the movement of your ribs, smooth out the inhale, feel the ribs as you slow down and smooth out the exhale. Be completely aware of all 10 breaths.


  1. Balance out the left and right side of your body. Sit comfortably, on a chair or on the floor, and feel that the weight is even on the left and right buttock, and feel a long tall spine, feel long through the back of your neck. Let your shoulders melt down away from your ears and relax your jaw. Now create a mirror image on the right and left side of your body, let your right hand match your left hand, fingers, arms, legs, feet…. Work your way through the whole of your body – Every part of the body in balance.


  1. Walk in slow motion and label your movements. Take a slow walk, deciding before you start the distance or duration, and label every part of the process – Here is an example of your inner dialogue, “weight into left leg, right heel and toes lift, foot moving forward, right heel toes to floor, body weight to right, left heel toes lift, foot moving forward, left heel toes to floor, body weight to left….”


Meditation is the gift you give yourself, it is the doorway to living consciously, because living consciously lets you find space even when life seems to be throwing all sorts of challenges your way.

In our Yoga Rhythms training courses, we learn and practice lots of techniques for getting in the flow with meditation, we learn how to tame our inner voice so that it speaks kindly, and we begin to appreciate the unique perspective of every living person on this planet.

Step out of the frenzied chaos and get into the Flow with meditation.