Who or What is God?

We all perceive God in our own unique way, some totally reject any concept of a God, others have an idea of what God means for them.

The sage advice is to avoid discussing God in social situations, and the reason behind it, is the passionate lengths we go to, to defend and project our version of what, or who, we perceive God to be, and it’s usually a version we were born into and grew up with, not one we chose for ourselves.

I love Thomas Ashley-Farrant’s explanation of God, in his ‘Mantras-Sacred words of Power’. This is what he has to say:

“Imagine a room in a large house, and in one room some people reverently get together. They have a blue light bulb. They pray, they meditate, they chant. They screw the bulb in and it LIGHTS UP, and it’s blue and they know beyond doubt that God is absolutely blue.

Of course, in another room there are a group of people that have a green light bulb. They also pray and meditate and chant, and with great sincerity they also screw the light bulb in with their practices. And it LIGHTS UP and they know beyond a doubt God is green.

In yet another room there’s a group with a red bulb, and another room people with a yellow bulb and so-forth. Eventually they are going to meet in the hall, and when they do, there’s going to be a terrible ruckus, because each of them has an absolute corner on the truth of things. They know that God is red! blue! yellow! green! whatever it is.

They may be ready to create religious warfare as it were, pluck out each other’s eyes, and peel each other’s skin. Not unlike the great religious wars that we have seen throughout history, and according to the Vedic teachings, they have committed the error of confusing the current with the bulb. God is the current that animates all of the bulbs of all of the religions.”

So, whatever the God of your understanding, – Lets recognize and celebrate all our unique perspectives.