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The principles of growth are about exceeding our limitations, and require us to be challenged and inspired by those who have walked the road before us, learning how to impart this energy is Karl’s greatest strength, he will show you how to encourage your students and yourself by breaking new ground, exploring new territory and creating clear horizon’s that will keep your students coming back for more. He has taught over 100 teachers, many of them developing into highly sought after and respected globetrotting Yogi’s, all of whom have developed their own unique styles of teaching by maintaining the foundations built on the principles imparted through their trainings with him.

You will be shown the principles of synchronizing movement, correct dialog, providing space and most importantly the art of repetition, self-practice and meditation. Transformation and evolution are essentials for life, without them we stagnate, for students there is nothing more powerful than those teachers who show us the way by example.

You will need to have read Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste for this Teacher Training workshop.


Power Vinyasa Teacher Training with Karl This 3 Day POWER VINYASA is part of our Post Graduate training. The venue is the Glasshouse Eco Lodge 198 Barrs Rd Glasshouse Mountains. To attend POWER VINYASA only, arrive each day at 8.30am, bring your own lunch, and leave each day at 5.30pm. The cost as a stand alone course is $650 paid in advance to Yoga Rhythms BSB 064166 Acc 10528389 Your Name is customer reference.
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