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Are you ready to update your skills?

Have you noticed your students struggling in some poses?

Are there some poses you just can’t master?

Have you sustained injury in your practice?

Although we all have the same bones, their shape and orientation vary greatly. What this means for our yoga anatomy is that each person will have a unique expression of the pose, and some poses are simply poison for some bony structures. When we explore the body from the Functional Anatomy perspective, we reveal where freedom of movement is available and how to deal with compression when it occurs.

In 2017 we introduced Functional Anatomy to our Teachers in Training with great results, they understood the movements available in the fourteen segments of the body, and also which areas of the body are susceptible to injury when allowance is not made for Skeletal Variance. Now with the Anatomy Fundamentals online course and interactive workshops, which we introduced in November 2018, we offer our teachers a clear understanding of the functionality of the many bodies who attend a yoga class.

On Sunday 3rd March, Jo will host a 90 min review of Functional Anatomy, a refresher for those of you that covered Functional Anatomy in your Teacher Training (from March 2017 onwards) and an Introduction to those of you visiting this perspective for the first time.

To clarify your Anatomical understanding of the Human Body from a Yogic perspective, come along to the Functional Anatomy review and then immerse yourself in the Anatomy Fundamentals course. You and your students will be glad you did.