A Students Perspective: Lici completed our 200HR Teacher Training in July 2018, these are her words; Well where do I start? If Yoga practices were taught in schools, what a very different world we would live in! This course is transformational, life enhancing, enriching and it gives you the big picture and so many valuable [...]

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Last Years Teacher Training (2016)

I remember calling a number recommended by a friend. A lovely voice answers and after a brief chat this lady ends the conversation with ‘if it is meant to be, it will be.’ ‘I’ve got to make this happen’ I thought to myself. Little did I know what I had gotten myself into, and little did [...]

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The God of my understanding. What color is your God?

Who or What is God? We all perceive God in our own unique way, some totally reject any concept of a God, others have an idea of what God means for them. The sage advice is to avoid discussing God in social situations, and the reason behind it, is the passionate lengths we go to, [...]

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Preya or Shreya?

These two words from the Upanishads can always help us see our choices clearly. Preya generally gives us instant satisfaction, it feels good and it pleases us in that moment, however it may not benefit us, or anybody else for that matter in the long run. Shreya on the other hand, may take a bit [...]

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Top 5 Fitness Trends 2015: High Time to Try Yoga

Apart from being the first to adopt the latest fitness trends, what else makes someone a fitness trailblazer rather than a fitness trend follower? If you think huffing and puffing your way through some fitness studios is the best way to being a fitness trendsetter, you may want to think again. A fitness trendsetter must [...]

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