Preya or Shreya?

These two words from the Upanishads can always help us see our choices clearly. Preya generally gives us instant satisfaction, it feels good and it pleases us in that moment, however it may not benefit us, or anybody else for that matter in the long run. Shreya on the other hand, may take a bit [...]

Preya or Shreya?2016-11-15T19:52:39+11:00

Teacher Training – a personal journey

I had been attending yoga classes and I loved the ‘buzz’ that I felt as I walked out each week, I wanted more, and so I enrolled in my first yoga teacher training course. I was filled with both excitement and anxiety, doubting my ability one moment, ready to challenge myself the next, little did [...]

Teacher Training – a personal journey2016-11-19T13:07:09+11:00